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Jilani S. Warsi
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Welcome to my personal web site!

Here you'll learn about me: my academic background and my professional career. I've even included my resume for your perusal and a list of my favorite movies, music and books.

On this home page, the "doorway" to my site, I'll introduce myself and talk about linguistics. I grew up in India, speaking Hindi (the national language of India), Urdu (the national language of Pakistan) and English (the lingua franca of the world) simultaneously, and studied Sanskrit, Persian, and Arabic at school. I have uploaded some papers in linguistics I wrote several years ago. Please feel free to download and share them with your friends and colleagues; I firmly believe that wisdom should be disseminated.

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

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I hope to update this page often with new materials, as I teach more courses, give presentations at different conferences, and write more papers.

What's New?

Below are updates regarding my personal and professional life. Significant events will also have links to further information.

5/9/01 - Awarded a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from Boston University.
6/01 - Taught a workshop on Teaching English as a Second Language: Some Practical Tips at Cambridge College.