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Jilani S. Warsi
My Papers


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My Papers

I wrote these papers while pursuing a master's in English with empahsis on general linguistics in India . Some of them are recent, and deal with second language acquisition, language teaching, research proposal, etc. I have also included my comprehensive research papers and a review of Larry Selinker's famous book, Rediscovering Interlanguage. Please feel free to download the papers, and share them with your colleagues. Please do not quote, because they are not published.

How are allophones grouped in a phoneme?

Analogical Change

Early American Speech

Conditions for Borrowing

Differences between British and American English

Endocentric and Exocentric Constructions

Comparative Method

Consonants and Vowels

Effects of Transfer on Interlanguage Phonology

Effects of Visual Feedback on Second Language Productive Phonology

A Review of Selinker's Rediscovering Interlanguage

Conditioning of Allomorphs

Dialect, Register, and Style


Deep Structure and Surface Structure

The Grouping of the English Language

How the French Language has Influenced English

Genetic Classification of Language

Genological Classification of Language

Historical Linguistics

The Advantages and Disadvantages of IC Analysis

The Concept of IC Analysis

Indo-European Family

Relation between Morphophonemic Alteration and Internal Reconstruction

Internal Reconstruction

What is Language?

Types of Language Change

Causes and Mechanism of Language Change

Linguistic Level

What is a Morpheme?

Native-like Phonology in a Second Language

The Concept of Phonemes

Phrase Structure Grammar

The Application of Phrase Structure Rules

The Classification of Registers

Semantic Change

Structural Grammar

Sound Change

The Speech Producing Mechanism

Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches to Language


Language Teaching

Transformational Generative Grammar

Different Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Nine Types of Spoken Drills

Principles of Language Teaching

English - Its Origin and Relation to Other Languages

Features of Indian English

L1 & L2 Learning

Relation between Linguistics and Language Teaching

Some Key Pronunciation Terms

Quotable Quotes

Conditions Under Which English is Taught in India

Traditional Grammar and Its Weaknesses

Typological Classification of Language

The Role of Visual Aids in Teaching Language


Language Analysis Project

The Acquisition of Native-like Phonology in a Second Language

The Critical Period Hypothesis

Language and Cognition

My Papers

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